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New gallery online - river patterns

A week ago I managed to photograph something I've been wanting to photograph for some years now: glacial river patterns.

I recently got in touch with a pilot and decided to ask him to fly me over Þjórsá river, a glacial river that crosses with the Ring Road between Selfoss and Hella. The weather was great, although the temperature was freezing cold up in the sky (especially with the window of the plane open to photograph). The river itself is just amazing when you have a bird's eye view. The smooth patterns and glacial blue colors are just surreal. Close to where the river is ending up in the ocean, there are also a lot of small agricultural ditches with muddy water streaming into the river. This makes for the red-brown colors in the aerial photographs. The area where the river is flowing is quite shallow and there are not a lot of height differences, causing this river to spread out over a big surface.

The photos I shot during the flights to and over Þjórsá can be found in my new Aerial gallery.

Some of the photos I already posted to my Instagram account can be seen in the attached gallery.