Terms & Conditions

On my photo marketplace you can explore and purchase digital copies of my photographs to print for personal use.

The following terms & conditions apply to any purchase made on this marketplace:

  • The downloadable image file(s) can only be used for personal purposes by the original purchaser of the image(s).
  • The downloadable image file(s) can be reproduced digitally (for example as a desktop or phone background) or for wall prints at home by the original purchaser of the image(s).
  • Purchase of the downloadable image file(s) do(es) not grant you a commercial license of any sort, nor does it mean you own the rights to the original photograph. The image(s) can only by used for private purposes as stated before.
  • The purchased downloadable image file(s) is/are copyright protected by Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove.
  • You are not allowed to hand over, sell or otherwise spread the downloadable image file(s) you have purchased.
  • The downloadable image file(s) can not be refunded.
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