Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove Photography
Belgian landscape photographer,
based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Photography Tours

My scheduled photography tours might be something for you if you’ve always wanted to experience Iceland through your passion for photography!

Photography Tours & workshops

My scheduled photography tours might be something for you if you’ve always wanted to experience Iceland through your passion for photography! The tours that are offered are designed completely with photography in mind and are created in a way that there is a lot of flexibility (eg. bad weather forces us to go elsewhere). During the tours I will of course be helping you with getting you that dream shot.

Check out a few testimonies about my tours to discover more about me as a photography guide or, if you’re looking for tips on landscape photography, read my “10 tips when doing landscape photography in Iceland” journal entry or check out my top 5 landscape photography locations in Iceland.

Hopefully I will get to welcome you soon in Iceland!

Scheduled Tours & workshops

Photography tours & workshops

There are currently no scheduled photography tours or workshops available for booking.

Other tours - not focused on photography


Iceland 4x4 Offtrack - Organised by Puffins

An exciting 8 day 4x4 experience in wintery Iceland - 2950 euro per person (max. 10 participants)

There is a reason why so many Puffins choose Iceland as their home. It's otherworldly.  Wherever you go, you are the protagonist of an epic adventure in a cinematographic setting. Winter dresses this already breathtaking scenery in virgin snow & ice. Winter turns on the lights, when the Aurora shows herself or a pink glow colors the sky. For a chance to experience real Winter, you need to choose your dates right. To find the best kept secret spots, you need Jeroen. Follow Jeroen and venture safe into the luring highlands.



Read how other people experienced a previous photo tour. Want to know more about me as a photographer? Have a look at my profile.


Adinda Mattens

Photographer - November 2017

It was a pleasure to have a look behind the scences on how Jeroen works. His photos look so natural as he knows where to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve received a lot of professional advice and feedback on how to create stunning landscape images. You did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough!


Stefaan Moens

Photographer - March 2016

If you want to explore Iceland with your camera you’re blessed with a guide like Jeroen. He knows and understands the country so well. He really makes an effort to visit every location at the best possible moment of the day. He knows so many beautiful locations so that he’s also able to improvise when the weather conditions are not that great. He will bring you to lots of beautiful places that are less touristic and where you can take the time to fully explore your camera trying to capture this unique landscape.


Koen De Troyer

Photographer - March 2016

It became clear that Jeroen is very familiar with the beauty of Iceland, but also with the possible dangers of its natural elements. He took us to the highlights, but also guided us to a number of hidden marvels. And always he knew something interesting to tell about the location. On the creativity side, Jeroen did not intervene at all on location – unless requested for. So we all could explore our own creativity. This definitely tastes for more. And I will definitely call Jeroen again.