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Fresh look with new galleries and photos!

I really wanted to have my website look a little bit more presentable as a proper portfolio site. At the same time I also added some brand new images that you might have seen floating around on my Instagram. Most of them were made during one of my photo tours at the end of last year.

10 tips when doing landscape photography in Iceland

In this blog article, I’ve tried to answer one of those questions:

“What should I keep in mind when doing landscape photography in Iceland?”.

I’ve decided to share my top 10 list of what I think is important and I keep in mind myself when I’m out capturing the Icelandic landscape.

New gallery online – river patterns

A week ago I managed to photograph something I’ve been wanting to photograph for some years now: glacial river patterns.

I recently got in touch with a pilot and decided to ask him to fly me over Þjórsá river, a glacial river that crosses with the Ring Road between Selfoss and Hella. The weather was great, although the temperature was freezing cold up in the sky (especially with the window of the plane open to photograph). The river itself is just amazing when you have a bird’s eye view.

Aurora season almost over…

As the nights are getting brighter here in Iceland, the aurora season is drawing to a close. The darkness required to witness the Aurora Borealis is already limited to a few hours per night and this will keep shrinking even more, until June 21st, when it’s not dark at all during the nights.